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Services and Pricing

During the On-Site Consult, I can help you think through and talk through a plan of action for your unique property. This also gives me a chance to see your property in real life so that I can offer better information and advice. One hour of follow up phone/video consulting is included in this package.

The property design includes both an interactive visual aerial layout (example) as well as written directions (example) with links and how-to videos. It is a truly customized step by step guide to fulfilling you goals for your homestead in a logical progression to save you time, money and headache. A first draft of the design will be sent to you for feedback and a final design will be sent after any needed modification are made. Two hours of follow up phone/video consult are included in this package. 

Implementation Support 

Implementation support can mean a few things. First, it can be that I am onsite to help you build, fix, plant or cut down something. This time is charged at an hourly rate and requires that you are within reasonable driving distance. Secondly it could be answering questions over the phone. Phone or video consulting is included in the price for both the On-Site Consult and the Property Design. Additional time for answering phone calls or text messages will be charged at $50/hr. 

Remote Consultation $250

For those who live too far away to evaluate on site, I offer a remote consult option. This option is not nearly as in-depth as the on-side consult and design options because there is nothing that substitutes for being on the property. However, this option allows us to talk about your property and goals to help avoid pitfalls and determine direction. This includes a 1.5hr phone or video call after I have reviewed your completed questionnaire, property information and topography maps of your land. 

 Detailed Single Space

Design $250+

This service is intended for or those who need help laying out exact plans for a specific space or system with detailed instructions. This could be a food forest design, a victory garden system or a detailed "Zone 1" design. This is different than the "Property Design" in that it gives granular detail rather than a general overview. Price starts at $250 but may be more depending on the scope of the space. 

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