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Property Design

After we evaluate your homestead together, I can  create a tailored property design that includes "how to", "what to", "when to" and "where to"  information to reach the goals you have for your unique property and life style.

This design carefully considers and accounts for energy, water flow and access across the property. I will also be designing to reduce complexity, cost of installation and maintenance where possible. The design is intended to be both strategic and practical!

What you get with the design: 

The "Road Map" (EXAMPLE) is a written guide with steps to accomplishing your goals and dreams for the property. The "Road Map" helps prioritize projects to maximize efficiency, reduce roadblocks, and increase enjoyment while you embark on your journey of building the property of your dreams!

The "Aerial Layout" (EXAMPLE) is an interactive visual aid to help you understand the location of the steps laid out in the "Road Map." This tool is simple to understand but has very advanced options for those who want to dig in further. One example is that you can view historical satellite imagery or you property to see how it has been used and changed over the years!

The cost for the design and roadmap is $1500 and requires a property evaluation. This price includes one month of "Implementation Support" retainer so that you can call, text or email questions and so that we can make adjustments to your road map and aerial layout where needed.

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