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Meet your consultant

My name is Ryan Steva and I am passionate about building regenerative and resilient homesteads. I first started down the rabbit hole of homesteading when I faced a health crisis in my 20s. I had to make a choice to make some major changes, or live a life of illness that doctors told me was unavoidable. When I started researching our food system on my path to healing, I realized that we are damaging our health and simultaneously damaging the land with our modern agricultural practices. It seems so simple now to think that I can grow my own food while building a more fulfilling, resilient and healthy life, but that wasn't where I started. My path from learning how broken our systems are, to building my own, was not a perfectly strait line (I'm still building), but it has been a thrilling journey that has taught me so much! I am extremely excited to be partnering with others on their unique journey to greater independence, greater resilience and a healthier, happier lifestyle!

    Our Philosophy

    In today's chaotic world there is a major disconnect between our land, our food and our community. At The Homestead Consultant, we believe that the solution to bridging these gaps starts in the individual home. By taking practical steps toward food production, land restoration, independent education and rational preparedness we can begin to restore these disconnects. That is where The Homestead Consultant comes in. We will work closely with you to evaluate your property with your unique goals, vision and resources in mind. Using a restorative,  permaculture lens we will help you design a holistic and actionable game plan to help make your homesteading dreams a reality. Our sincere desire is to see all of our clients become more connected and resilient!

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